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A Bit Better Corporation is Closed

After sixteen years of Screen Beans and other business adventures, it came time for the Beans to retire. The on-line store closed December 1, 2011 and the corporation was dissolved December 31. No additional licenses are available. Existing licenses continue with the licensor becoming A Bit Better Corporation's successors in copyright ownership.

Microsoft still holds a redistribution license for a group of Screen Beans images. They make those available individually, free of charge, on the Office web site. The license offered is similar to the license formerly available from A Bit Better Corporation.

For additional information, write to screenbeans@bitbetter.com.

Screen Beans for Business

Screan Bean stew

Managing People

Project Management

Sales & Marketing

Business Communication

Problem Solving

Office Life

Screen Beans for Life

Spirit bean

Sports & Recreation

Holidays & Seasons




Green Beans

Screen Beans for Health

xray animation

Health at Home

Medical Care

Mental Health


Animated Screen Beans

Bean in the hole

The Emotions Collection has animations available for a large number of its images!  Use them on the web directly.

Beaucoup Screen Beans

Screan Bean bulletin board

For those of you who just can't have too many Screen Beans, you can finally order the whole enchilada at once--the Beaucoup Bundle!







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